My Zomato Gold Membership


When I heard Zomato Gold was coming to Australia and launching in Melbourne, I instantly felt cheated that it wasn’t in my home town of Sydney. I reassured myself that with all the other discounted deals available through apps/sites like the Fork, EatClub and First Table, I would be fine and I wouldn’t be missing out. Plus those apps/sites give you discounts for free (except for First Table which charges a $10 reservation fee to access the discount), so why would I pay a monthly or annual membership fee for Zomato Gold?!

Well, that was all good in theory, but when Zomato announced Gold was coming to Sydney early this year, I all of a sudden wanted in on the action. I pre-registered to be given the first notice that it was open for memberships and a discount of 60% off the annual fee if I joined early…but that discount never came! I stumbled upon the fact Gold was open whilst on Zomato one day, but they were offering 50% discount to everyone. Miffed I didn’t get the promised 60%, I decided to not take part.

The 50% discount offer was there for weeks and I became complacent that I could take it if I really wanted it. I held the power in this relationship. Until…whilst browsing Zomato for a cafe for brunch I started seeing places doing 10-15% discounts on food for Gold members. Ok, I’m in! But oh no, the membership discount offer was gone…

However when Valentine’s Day rolled around the 50% discount returned. I pounced on it like it was a straight single man in his late 30’s who was over 6 foot and still had all his hair! I paid $44 and was instantly a Gold member and discovered that I will use the app to pay for my meals via my stored credit card details to access discounts off my bill.


Which brings us to here, where I’ll be tracking the value I receive from being a Zomato Gold member.

Use 1 – Saved $4.87

Left of Field Rhodes, Lunch for 1, February 2020.

15% off total bill of $32.50

Running Total

Saved $4.87

Value vs Fee -$39.13


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