Cafe 0.6 – Alexandria


Where: Cafe 0.6, 1a/11 Bowden St, Alexandria NSW 2015

When: July 2020

Meal: Brunch

Cost: $32 for one

The menu at Cafe 0.6 had long intrigued me with it’s interesting mix of ingredients and beautifully presented dishes. I settled on a bit of a space theme with my order by choosing the Saturn Black Sesame iced coffee drink from their ‘Out of Space’ collection and the Lost in Space waffle dish. 

The Saturn iced coffee ($8) is described on the menu as not too sweet, which thankfully is 100% correct as I hate sweet coffee drinks. It had a subtle black sesame flavour and the espresso shot (which you mix in yourself at the table) gave a powerful coffee hit that made it a true coffee drink (rather than a milk drink). 

The Lost in Space ($24) was their ‘signature moffle’ which is mochi crossed with waffle, with homemade salted egg sauce, peanut, black sesame ice cream & berries. Strangely I liked most of the elements individually, but not when they were combined together. The waffle I found very dense, almost tough. I loved the salted egg sauce though and would like to try that on something else. It was a beautifully presented dish, but just didn’t work for me. 

The cafe is located in the industrial area of Alexandria and parking was difficult for me on a weekday visit. I actually parked at Bunnings around the corner. I’ve heard parking can be tough on weekends too as it is close to some warehouse outlets. Service was very friendly though, so it was worth trekking back if you have to park far away!

Would I go back? Probably not. There are other things on the menu that also have quirky combinations, but due to the misfire on the waffles I wouldn’t rush back.

Would I recommend it to you? No. Based on other reviews I’ve seen there are definitely people that love this place, but my underwhelming waffle experience combined with the lack of easy parking makes it hard to recommend.

Show me the food…

My Zomato Rating: 3/5


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