Our Big Day Out with Anna Polyviou

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The morning after Mum and I attended Katherine Sabbath’s cooking class at the Cake Bake and Sweets show in Sydney, I was scrolling through Instagram when I see a post by Anna Polyviou promoting an upcoming cake demo with Katherine as MC. It was to be held at Peter’s of Kensington and as Katherine’s demo has sold out in no time, I jumped straight on to buy two tickets. Surely mum will be available, if not she’ll HAVE to make herself free!

The demo was advertised as a 3 hour class learning to cook Anna’s award winning (2014 Dish of the Year Best Dessert) Carrot Cake that had recently featured as a challenge on Masterchef. I knew from the show that the cake was very involved, but the tickets were only $50 each and included a glass of champers and a mini carrot cake to take home. Surely it won’t really go for 3 hours, it seems too cheap I thought!

But I’m glad I found unmetered parking in a street behind Peter’s as it certainly did go for 3 hours and it was certainly good value!

Anna and Katherine are both seriously cool and funny people and with her two chefs from the Shangri-La who she brought along as well, it all combined for a great show. Yes, there was plenty of cooking advice and discussion about the recipe, but mostly it was just great entertainment.

When we arrived we were greeted with a glass of Mo√ęt which was rather unexpected. I thought we’d be given some form of cheap sparkling for sure. We also got a recipe card to follow along with and take home and half way through we got to make our own verrine of the carrot cake which was great as it was lunchtime by then and I was starving.

Carrot Cake verrines and recipe card

Although our verrines looked a bit bodgy (because we made them quickly ourselves) they were delicious! The Praline Cremeux (mousse) was so creamy and had a delicious hazelnut flavour and the caramelised walnuts were sweet and added a great crunch.

Throughout the class samples of Anna’s chef Jess’ carrot cake macarons which featured the bright yellow graffiti as per the actual cake were passed around, as well as some freshly made loukamades with honey and caramel popcorn.

Jess' Carrot Cake Macarons

Jess’ Carrot Cake Macarons

The final part of the demo is the funnest part of making the cake according to Anna, which is splattering the yellow graffiti onto the cake. Her chef Giovana shielded the crowd from becoming part of the artwork.

Anna and Giovana getting their graffiti on.

Anna and Giovana getting their graffiti on.

At the end of the demo we all get to graffiti our our take home mini carrot cake and decorate it with the chocolate discs. Afterwards we stopped by to thank Anna for an awesome day and get a photo. She gave my Mum a big hug and kiss on the cheek and she was just ridiculously funny and lovely. Now I want her AND Katherine Sabbath to be my best friends…

Mum and I head home to have a coffee and try the actual cake. It is so delicious with all the different layers, but I must say it doesn’t have much carrot ‘cake’ in it!

The beautiful take home mini Carrot Cake.

The beautiful take home mini Carrot Cake.

Inside the Carrot Cake.

Inside the Carrot Cake.

I really enjoyed the Carrot Cake but I’m too impatient with my sweet treats to spend 3 hours (more likely 3 days for me) making this very involved recipe!

If you want to try it though, you can get the Carrot Cake recipe from the Masterchef website here http://tenplay.com.au/channel-ten/masterchef/recipes/carrot-cake.

And if you are keen for a fun day out, Anna said she is likely returning to Peter’s of Kensington to do another demo in September. Keep an eye out on Instagram and on the Peter’s website for when it goes on sale.