About Ms Lunchalot


Ms Lunchalot is a foodie from Sydney with a taste for travel and adventure. Her favourite foods include burgers, pizza, slightly salty slightly sweet popcorn, chocolate, and really any form of dessert!

Since March 2017, she has been embarking on quest to do #12tripsin12months travelling around Australia.

Trip 1 – March 17 – Canberra ACT

Trip 2 – April 17 – Cairns QLD

Trip 3 – May 17 – Noosa Heads QLD

Trip 4 – June 17 – Mornington Peninsula VIC

Trip 5 – July 17 – Castaways Beach QLD (Just out of Noosa)

Trip 6 – August 17 – Exmouth WA

Trip 7 – September 17 – Broome WA

Trip 8 – October 17 – Port Douglas QLD

Trip 9 – November 17 – TBC Likely Tasmania!

If you have ideas for future trips or places to visit, or want to know more about places I’ve visited, please get in touch!



Foodie Finds

Hello and welcome to my site!

I finally decided to set up a blog about my foodie adventures after becoming obsessed with taking photos of my meals for Instagram.

Yes, I am one of those annoying people to eat out with that won’t let you touch your meal until I’ve taken a shot of it (sometimes 10 or 20….). I’m also the one drawing attention to us in dark restaurants by using the flash. Sorry.

I don’t profess to be a culinary expert, but I enjoy trying new things and in particular the visual aspect of food. This is what draws me in with desserts. I often decide I want to try a restaurant solely due to their dessert menu. I have my priorities right…

So join me here on my foodie adventures. I will post about restaurants, cafes, bars, home cooking (especially my mum’s, she is amazing), cooking classes and foodie events.

Bon app├ętit.