Foodie Finds

Hello and welcome to my site!

I finally decided to set up a blog about my foodie adventures after becoming obsessed with taking photos of my meals for Instagram.

Yes, I am one of those annoying people to eat out with that won’t let you touch your meal until I’ve taken a shot of it (sometimes 10 or 20….). I’m also the one drawing attention to us in dark restaurants by using the flash. Sorry.

I don’t profess to be a culinary expert, but I enjoy trying new things and in particular the visual aspect of food. This is what draws me in with desserts. I often decide I want to try a restaurant solely due to their dessert menu. I have my priorities right…

So join me here on my foodie adventures. I will post about restaurants, cafes, bars, home cooking (especially my mum’s, she is amazing), cooking classes and foodie events.

Bon app├ętit.