P3 Car Park, Sydney Airport

Airport Parking – Sydney

Travel Hacks

Where: Sydney Airport

When: November 2018

Duration: Four days, Friday to Monday

Cost: $79, prebooked online.

How do you get to the airport?

If you live on a train line you may use the Airport Link service that delivers you underground at either the Domestic or International Terminal without much trouble, but potentially with a lot of cost if there are a few of you travelling. Depending on where you live, it could be almost $20 per person, per leg of the journey.

I don’t live on a train line unfortunately and getting my luggage on a bus to get to the city, to then catch a train is just too much effort for me.

I live not too far out of the city, but a cab or Uber to the airport costs $60-$70 each way. Plus, the taxi rank queue when I’ve returned to Sydney Airport can seem never ending and erode all the R&R that I’ve just enjoyed on my holiday.

I always check out the parking offers on the Sydney Airport website https://prebook.sydneyairport.com.au/en/ before I decide how I will travel to the airport. There is always some form of discount available when you prebook and often you’ll save more when you book further in advance.

I do a lot of long weekend trips so I’ve booked the $79 Weekender offer available Fri-Mon many times. It’s only slightly more than one way to the airport in a cab for me and it’s handy that I can walk out of the airport and jump straight into my car (after a short walk) without having to wait.

Full disclosure, I used to work at Sydney Airport, but I still use this product now by choice.

Would I use it again? Yes, I’ve already booked parking for my next two trips.

Would I recommend it to you? Sure, but it might not be suited to your personal circumstances. If you live close to the airport it may be cheaper to cab. Or, if you’re travelling for an extended period, you may feel more comfort with your car locked away at home, but having said that, I feel it’s very safe.