The Spot Car Wash Cafe – Punchbowl


Where: The Spot Car Wash Cafe, 69-71 Belmore Rd North, Punchbowl NSW 2196

When: October 2019

Meal: Brunch

Cost: Approx $20 each

I know I may have lost you at the title of this cafe, but please forget everything you know about car wash cafes here! Usually they are places where you dread spending up to an hour waiting for your car with a terrible coffee and if you’re brave (and desperate), some pre-prepared rubbish food looking sad wrapped up in cling wrap.

But not with these guys! Everything is made fresh and is beautifully presented. The menu has many delicious options, but I can’t go past the Pancake Revolution ($16). You get three buckwheat pancakes that are thick and fluffy and the dish isn’t overly sweet like so many that you’re unable to finish because of sugar overload.

I also loved the Spot Pulled Beef Benedict ($16) which is 12 hour slow cooked beef, with spinach, poached eggs and freshly made hollandaise on top of charcoal sourdough. The beef is so tender and the eggs were perfectly poached.

The coffee is also great and is made with Pablo & Rusty beans ($4 large).

Would I go back? Yes, my car is back to being regularly washed since I’ve found these guys. Perhaps I’m slightly more skewed in that decision by the food, but my car is immaculate after a visit ($35 in and out wash for a sedan).

Would I recommend it to you? Yes, they opened only a few months ago and the decor of the cafe is a work in progress, but the quality of the food and the service makes up for any current lack of ambiance.

Show me the food…


One thought on “The Spot Car Wash Cafe – Punchbowl

  1. I brought the car to them to have the engine compartment and underbody washed and they assured me it was an operation they could do without any problems…
    Once the car has been washed I went there to collect it and after about 1500 m the car starts to give problems.
    The car ran on only 5 cylinders and other error lights came on because the sensors were wet, but they assured me that sometimes it can happen, and once it dried it would resume normal operation.
    The next day the car was still not working properly, and I went to my mechanic, who tells me that there was slime mixed with degreaser and oil inside the spark plugs (that I replaced 1500km before).
    He found water inside the engine oil that went in from the oil lid, and he had to bleed the entire oil system and replace the oil and the spark plugs that where oxidized too…
    The worst part is that I informed the car wash of all this, and they washed their hands of it saying “how did you expect to wash the engine compartment without this happening?”
    Surprised by their response, I tried to contact them in the following days by sending them photos of the ruined spark plugs expecting at least an apology, but it would have been more appropriate for them to have taken responsibility for their poorly done job and the cost of the damage that I had to cover, but I have not received any response … So I strongly not recommend this car wash, since to spend $ 200 for an underbody wash done by people who pretend to be professionals, I spent a total of $ 900, for a damage done by them and for the very bad treatment as a paying customer…


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